Many report that Awakening Drops affects consciousness. One effect, often noted by martial artists and healers, is that of “samadhi,” or temporary enlightenment (self-transcendence). The perception is one of oneness or interconnectedness with all of creation . Even a short glimpse of this is worth more than a night out on the town. By the way, do you get that from your water?

I realize that this is an amazing claim, but I perceive it to be a visit from the Holy Spirit, from my religious perspective. For me, it’s a spiritual experience and has been since the beginning. I get a distinct perception of the loving Presence of God. If I had not experienced this personally, I would have never believed it. If it were a drug or shamanic herbal concoction, it would be no surprise, but this is water! This is why I am offering Awakening Drops to you. The other benefits pale in comparison. Simply put, the feeling is so awesome that I want everyone to feel it!

Spiritual Access to the Infinite – the ability to tap into the All That IS Consciousness. Some refer to this Universal Consciousness by other names, nevertheless, it is Access to this “First Cause” Consciousness that has granted the Greatest Spiritual Masters: Absolute Truth, Divine Inspiration and Guidance as well as Spiritual Revelations unknown by the majority of humanity. That’s right, I’m talking about God! The Great I AM.

People report going through spiritual experiences, emotional healings, spontaneous physical healings, and similar things normally perceived as miraculous (which often accompany the use of Holy water) with Awakening Drops. Science and Spirit interact in Awakening Drops with many wonderful benefits. As far as I know, there’s nothing else like it on earth! A drop or two will usually do.

Awakening Drops will energize and restructure your water within moments after adding it to your drinking or bath water. This structure and charge will then propagate through the rest of the water in your body. It is designed to create hexagonal water clusters through liquid crystal action. If you are not accustomed to this super-hydration, you will probably feel a sense of well-being that you have no recall of having felt before.

100% of those who report effects agreed that Awakening Drops enhanced their daily lives.

With regular consumption, Awakening Drops has been reported to reduce the effects of stress.

If you’re like me, once you’ve tried it,  you’ll want your friends and relatives to try Awakening Drops too! You only need to try Awakening Drops  to see the truth for yourself.

Still skeptical? I can’t say I blame you! Go here. There are a few more details on theory and several links to water skeptic and other research sites.

I invented the process used to form Awakening Drops and  it would be natural to assume that I am exaggerating or embellishing about my product, but I believe I am actually understating my claims. When you have tried it, please let me know what you think. I would also like to hear anything you have to say about me, my website, my point of view, or anything else that comes to mind. I remain imperfect and am subject to correction, so don’t hold back. I am an odd duck, like most inventors, so I’m sure it shows.

Awakening Drops is fit for a king (or queen), and when you try it you’ll feel like you’re wearing a crown, literally and figuratively.