I’ve read a lot about water and this is one of the best sites I’ve found on the scholarly research on water:


Here is one skeptic’s sites on water (he is a retired profess-or):



I emailed Steven Lower (above) saying that I had water that causes a change in consciousness and he replied that it could only be placebo effect in the absence of double blind tests proving otherwise, that magnetic treatment was flim-flam and that oxygen was a cellular poison.¬†Chlorine is a carcinogen and a cellular poison. His own site says you can’t make the oxygen stay in the water, so what difference does it make?

Oxygen was used precisely for that reason: to assure sterility. Since Awakening Drops actually seems more powerful before ozonation, I have  discontinued ozonation and have gone to microporous filtration to maximize potency (using standard scientific Berkefeld ceramic filters). I guess that eliminates the possibility of the consciousness changes being from oxygen induced cell death. I have been drinking this water for over a year and have never felt better.