Just holding the bottle gives me a tingly, really alive feeling! Drinking it is energizing and motivating – lets me get things done. And there’s no crash!

I practice martial arts, and if I drink Awakening Drops before a class, I feel great and stay on target.

My classmates say I’m suddenly stronger, my grip is better, and my control is right on. The weight of the day seems to lift, and I can be me – without all the stress and fatigue. – Juli in Texas

Recently I purchased a bottle for my wife. She took some when I was on the phone with her and within a few minutes became very tired and went to bed. About an hour and a half later she called me sounding excited and saying she had an out of body experience. She was
floating in a bright yellow light. It was beautiful and gave her butterflies in her stomach when she returned to her body! Wow! – Michael in TX

I have been using Awakening Drops for over a year and it rocks!!

It helps me sleep deeper, it hydrates my body, and helpls concentration in meditation. I have had comments for over a year that I GLOW when I am using it regularly.

My friends say it keeps them calmer and happier, and my kids have used it – it’s completely safe. It has calmed my son’s ADHD down, and without making him a zombie.

It helps with so many things – it’s great! – Kim in Arkansas

I had a very good experience with the water: first tingling in hands and feet, light buzzing in the head and opening of the crown and heart chakra.

Then I went to bed, and I slept very deeply. When I woke up a couple of hours later, I felt and looked like as if I had slept for three days in a row. My heart chakra was more open, I felt it and my friends could see and confirm. I felt a lot taller, and two of my friends separately told me that I LOOKED taller. – Fabio in Mexico

Just wanted to tell you that I am very happy with the water! I do spiritual and energetic healing, and so I am used to subtle energies. I felt the energy just from holding the bottle, and I could tell my body immediately wanted this water. I could feel the water immediately giving me a surge of energy on all levels from physical to spiritual. I always disliked drinking water, but adding one drop of your water to one gallon of my water changed all that. Delicious sweet and light tasting water finally! – Ursula

I have tried this product and feel it is the best product I have tried to date! And I’ve tried a lot of different products. This water is outstanding! – Mike

Awakening Drops feel like pure happy energy! The water has an amazing effect when I drink it before I go to sleep. I actually feel it fixing my energy inside my skin and muscles and it almost tickles in a strange way, like I was getting a great massage. So thank you for a great product! – Maya

I started taking Keith’s water last week (Friday), and it was a fantastic experience, I felt like I was on a spiritual high all day. I am happy and calm at the same time, and I am very focused as well. Meditations are great. Actually everything I do feels great! – Claudia

I, too, have tried Awakening Drops. I rarely feel any effect from other products. I tried some in about a pint of water, drank half of it and felt it in couple of minutes – fully in ten minutes. It had a sedating effect on me. I had had a very physical day and had aches and pains, and drinking the water made me feel so much better! I don’t know what this water is actually, but it is certainly not a placebo effect. It is very strong and very real. – PJensen

I have tried my first meditation session with Awakening Drops. The first and only thing I could see throughout the entire hour of meditation was the colors Gold and Yellow mixed with bright orange. It was concentrated in my third eye chakra and the Crown of my head. I felt tingly vibrations and it felt so smooth. I love it! I think it resonates to a liquid drop of Sunshine, and more alchemically, “Gold,” which is probably why the Golden light was the only color I saw and felt in my Mind’s Eye and Crown Chakra!

I think it is especially Great for directing light intensely and immediately down into your Crown chakra and finding its way down the body. Probably great to direct light to the Pituitary and Pineal glands and bring Gold light to the inside the part of the brain called
the Hypothalamus…but that is just my instinctual perception and how it seemed to work on me.

Thank you very much again. WOW, that stuff is Powerful! – Maya

Just received your product. I am a Oneness Blessing giver and energy worker. All I can say is WOW. You’ve gone and done it!!! Really amazing and powerful.

Great opportunities for Spiritual growth in a bottle. Rock on !!!!

Much Gratitude, Sky

Just when you think it can’t get any better… it does! For so many years my TM friends and I were so programmed into believing that TM was the highest, most powerful and fastest path to enlightenment and evolution of Consciousness. Therefore, with that mindset, there was very little venturing onto new paths. We would consider that to be a waste of time and not as effective as the vehicle we had. Fortunately, in the past few years some of us have broken free to explore new healing modalities, etc. But now we have Awakening Drops! I think everyone that does TM knows what an experience of higher consciousness feels like, and this product did provide that to me more quickly than any other spiritual/energy technique/device ever has. It equates with the experience of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, when they work! And the Yoga Sutras, or Siddhis, were Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s highest teaching. He taught nothing beyond that even when he knew this incarnation was coming to a close. So for Awakening Drops to produce a state of consciousness similar to that of the TM Siddhis technique, makes your product, in my experience, THE most effective, powerful, fastest, easiest, and cost effective ways to reach enlightenment. I consider it to be “Liquid Samadhi”. I have been seeking samadhi since I first heard about it in 1970. The search is over!

Thanks again, Steve, PA

It appears to me that what you have here is what mahavatar babaji gave to lahiri mahasai as part of his kriya yoga initiation as described in Autobiography of a Yogi. It put lahiri into samadhi for several days. Several sources have stated that there has always been some kind of ‘elixir’ involved in advanced yogic initiations, and that it was prepared by the guru. I know for certain that Yogananda did this with his advanced students.

My wife is very sensitive, and jokingly I handed the vial to her to hold in her hand and it astrally blew the back of her head off. She said there was nothing but the universe there. She was almost angry at me for not warning her before I handed it to her. She begged me to halve the recommended dose I put into my drinking water, so my first jug is only half strength.

Interesting dreams last night too. bruce 10/29/08

Loving the Awakening Drops! Before my two hour meditation in the AM I put a squirt in a 12oz bottle and drink some before the first hour and the rest between first and second hour. I must say, I am having “awesome” meditations!!

Thanks! – Bob Voss, Chief Operating Officer, EnlightenNext.org

My friend and I received your purest potions and with one sip, we immediately began to marvel – together! Thank you sooo sooo much. We both feel such quality and subtlety yet powerfully spirited – this is beautiful.

Lots of LOVE, Sperry & Jody

I just received my small bottle of water. All I can say is “wow!!!”. I could feel some of the energy just holding the bottle. I took about six drops in 8oz of distilled water, and am usually very sensitive energetically. About an hour later, I am still riding the waves of clarity and opening. I love this. This is a glorious and incredible experience. I am very surprised, and absolutely delighted. I’m pretty sure this water will become a regular part of my awakening journey. I can’t wait to share it with some of friends on the path. – Tom

I had the good fortune to experience your Awakening Drops. I felt amazing sense of well being within a few minutes of drinking. I feel the most amazing energy from it. Thank you for this beautiful divine water. I will use it with great respect and love.
Namaste, Chalise

I just ordered some more of your product – and just wanted to tell you that I love it. I give Deeksha and do other energy and consciousness work, and your water is really enhancing all this! Thank you indeed! – Patrick Downey

I received the packet of Awakening Drops. Thanks for sending.

Today I sat in the sun and looked into the glass of water before I took a sip – as if my eyes could see the spirit of the water -a crystalline world of beauty and clarity was swirling in the glass. I drank it slowly, feeling so much love – no other word to describe it – just divine love and light expanding my energy field. I now see why people love it: it’s pure love and light. Wow.

Thanks for this wonderful invention. Don’t know how you did it, but it is most surely a divine substance – Love and Light in a bottle. Who would believe it? But after hearing about you and your spiritual path and your prayerful devotion to God, it all makes sense – You have brought together Spirit and the material substance of water…to me this is a sacrament, Holy Water.

This is not just some molecular rearrangement.